Monday, August 1, 2016

Smudge it

I've been a bad chicken mommy and not always locked the chickens up at night - I've been letting them do what they wanted... and I lost my favorite hen a few nights ago to a raccoon that got into the tractor. :(
We lost one to natural causes recently in the big coop - so now the remaining 3 don't really want to go in either safe house {safe when I don't forget to lock them in that is}.

So, in order to restore the good vibes of their safe houses, and to remove any smells they might not like - I'm going to clean out the houses and SMUDGE them.

You may know what smudging is, or you may have heard of it. You may think it's a smokey ick smelling endeavor... and you may be right - but it doesn't have to be. Most people love/hate/tolerate the smell and smoke. {Please don't smoke smudge around children, babies, or people with asthma or other breathing difficulties.}
Often people will get organized, or embark on a spring cleaning before smudging; this is beneficial to do so since you will want to smudge around all the things - and if you've organized before hand it's a bit easier to do this.
Getting organized can also be beneficial if you are smudging to create a calm, peaceful environment, and/or let go of things of the past that are wigging you out. For many people it's hard to be calm when your space screams chaos, and clearing a space can rid it of old stagnant energy.
But the organization isn't a prerequisite by any means. If you don't have the time, or inclination, to rid your space of joy-sucking things, do it later. Smudge now.

Smudging has been practiced by many cultures for ages and works with the idea that by burning certain, often sacred, herbs, the smoke attaches itself to negative energy, and as the smoke disappears the negative energy goes with it. Many rely on an open window that allows an escape route for said smoke and negative energy.
You may also clear your crystals or other personal objects - even yourself or others, with smudging.

There may be more than two ways to smudge your space of bad vibes and essences, but we are going to chat about the most common two ways - with the smokey sage smudge stick, and with an essential oil spray.

For smudging the traditional way you'll need:
A smudge stick: These are commonly dried herbs of Sage/White Sage, Cedar or other Pine derivatives, Lavender {calming}, Osha Root, Sweet Grass, and Mugwort - bundled together and tied with string.
An open window, or two or more.
A large shell, or glass bowl to lay your smudge stick in.
Matches or a lighter.
A large feather or other object to help gently push the smoke into corners & around objects.
Sand or earth to extinguish the flame when done.
And lastly but VERY important is an intention.

1. Start with a clear intention that pushes out the negative energy. You can chant or simply silently focus on your intention during the smudging. Need help with intentions? Check out my Intentions post or read on to the bottom of this post.
2. Once you have your intention firmly in your mind, light the smudge stick, and once lit blow out the flame much like you do with incense. This allows for the stick to smoke. {You can also use a candle to the light your smudge stick if you are going for a more ceremonial/ritual vibe.}
3. You may choose to smudge yourself to rid yourself of negative energy first.
4. Walk around your space, in a clockwise fashion, blowing or gently pushing the smoke around with a feather or your hand. Don't forget the corners, behind doors, around objects/furniture, and in closets.
5. When you are done, extinguish your smudge stick in a bowl or shell that has a little sand, or earth, in it. Try not to use water.
6. To maintain a positive balance in your newly cleared space, simply fill it with positive energy with your intention for each room - either silently or out loud. You may want to fill the bedroom with intentions for restful sleep, the office with intentions of abundance, relaxation in your living areas, ect.  Some people like to light a candle in the newly cleared spaces when sending out their intentions.

Cleansing a person, or yourself? Fan the smoke around yourself - starting from your head and working downward, focus on pushing the negative energy down through the body and out through the feet into the earth. Much like when we do chakra work - you can add this to chakra work whenever you wish. Just adjust your intention to focus on a specific chakra.
Do the same procedure when clearing crystals or other items.

People often cleanse a space after decluttering, when moving into a new home/space, after illness, if they are feeling depressed, or if things have changed in their lives. You may choose to cleanse your space before mediation, yoga, or any self-devo in your sacred space. {The EO version is great for this... 30 min. with the diffuser and you are ready for sacred space time}

Not a fan of smoke? Read on! This is a great way to cleanse hotel/dorm rooms, cars, or any other space where the smoke would be no bueno.

Smokeless Smudging!
The Essential Oil version is made by combining essential oils in a spray bottle, or in a diffuser, if you are cleansing a small area. This is a great variation if you are sensitive to smoke, or just don't care for the smell of a traditional smudge stick. The actual smudging is done in the same manner as described above, so it helps if you get a spray bottle that really sprays a nice amount of fine mist from the nozzle. Just follow the applicable steps above.

I'm posting a few blends below.  Mix your potion, open a window if you can, set your intention & get a feather or other item to help disperse your mist into corners and around objects, and get to smudging! It's a great way to refresh any home. or chicken coop!

Plants hold different benefits - if your intention is leading you towards a certain oil, even if it's not listed below, honor your intuition and use it.

To mix oils in a spray bottle use 1 cup water, .5 cups {1/2c} alcohol {a 80 proof vodka works well - I think my bottle was a few bucks. Too cheap to probably be good to drink lol}, and 6/3/3 drops of your essential oils. For instance 6 drops Cedarwood, 3 Sage, and 3 Juniper if you happen to like Cedar better than Sage. You can change them around - whatever is pleasing to you.
If you don't wish to use alcohol you can use WitchHazel instead.

Add a crystal! This also helps mix the oils and water/vodka. Black Tourmaline is a great grounding stone and it's water safe {as long as you aren't drinking the water} - see my safety page. Any stone with a Moh's hardness of 5+ should be fine... just match it to your intention.
Shake well and smudge away!

Smudging Blends:
Sage, Juniper and Cedarwood are negative energy clearing favorites. You can also add Lavender for it's calming properties.

Palo Santo, Cedarwood, and Sage. - Classic.

Clary Sage, Lemongrass, Purification.

If you are smudging at the Full Moon {or anytime} you may want to use Frankincense, Hyssop, and Eucalyptus as they aid in release from whatever you need released. Unhealthy relationships, emotions, past ties and attachments, and fears.

If you would like to purchase Essential Oils email me and I can hook you up. I only use Young Living brand. You can also see the purchasing info here. If there are ANY questions - email me!

You might be able to use a glass bottle you already have if the spray nozzle from another bottle fits securely on it. Perrier reportedly fits most spray tops. Glass is always better than plastic, but unless you are storing the potion for extended time plastic isn't a deal breaker here. {affiliate link.}

TIP: When purifying your space positive intentions can't be overlooked. Take a moment to determine WHY you want to spiritually, energetically, or physically, clear your space. Is it because you are feeling off, or there was a recent illness? Or you want spiritual well-being? Write this down, but keep it short and to the point. Include what/who is no longer welcome in your space, and what intention you'd like to bring in to replace the negative. You may invite abundance, or wisdom. These intentions can also be in the form of prayers where you might call upon the protection of Jesus, or any number of Saints/Angels, or whatever spiritual practice you practice. It may help to write down your intentions and memorize them. Be very clear about your intentions.

So... any questions post below - otherwise I'd love to hear about your adventures in smudging and your favorite EO mixtures!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Create the life you love

Create a life you love - young living essential oils - On Woodland Road
Img: Pinterest
How much do you love the life you've built for yourself and your family? Do you wish it was more? Would you like to have more *choices* in your life?

If you've read my Intention post you'll remember how we talked about running your day instead of letting your day run you - remember? If you want to go back and re-read it go ahead. I'll be right here when you get back. Promise.

What if we added to that... What if YOU ran your LIFE instead of it running you? There is a ton of noise out there in the world about how people aren't happy; they want a larger house, they want a smaller house, they want to travel. They want to stay home with their kids, or their dog, cat, or gerbil. They hate their job and want to get out of the rat race. They just want something different. Maybe this describes you?

People want to have CHOICES. People want to have FREEDOM.

Maybe you don't want to travel for long periods of time, maybe you just would like to go somewhere else a few times a year. Maybe you are happy with your home but you'd love to be able to give abundantly and help support an under-served child, overseas or in your own community, through your favorite charity/church. Maybe you'd like to START an NGO to help others.

What's holding you back? What is holding you back from these amazing choices that you want soooo badly?

Say it with me... I don't have enough money.
Well, why don't you have enough? You might go back to crying about the job you hate that doesn't pay enough. You might say that you were told you'd never make much money without that degree that you never got. Or that you'd always be a "starving artist" because we all know artists don't make any money.

Run your life - don't let it run you. You can change your life. Repeat that again...
You can change your life.

It's not usually JUST a lack of fundage that is squashing the dreams and choices of so many unhappy people. It's just not. So often a major part of the problem is you. So many of us have limiting beliefs. We don't understand, and we don't BELIEVE, that we can give ourselves, and our family, a life of freedom. A life of choices.

Why isn't everyone doing it? They don't know that they can. They are sleeping. They are afraid of hard work. Or someone told them they couldn't.
Most people are living their life in the current situation, in the now - but their current situation, their now, is a result of decisions and actions that they made in the past. We keep looking back - but we aren't going in that direction!

It takes work, it takes commitment, it takes time. But you can do it! I see people doing it all.the.time. I see people living the dream. It's there for the taking.

Step one: Determine how you want to feel with your life. Not what you want to do... but how you want to feel. Keep this in your mind throughout your day - Feel abundance. Feel like you have that life that you truly want. When you add all the feels into the process, your positive thoughts really take flight. Feel the joy! Focus on the things you are grateful for now. Your joy will attract joy.

Step two: Take responsibility for your life and current choices. You got yourself where you are. You accepted that job, bought that house that may have been a little {or a lot} above your means. Own your choices, and then don't let those choices define you. Do some self-development and figure out what your 'victim story' is. Might be abuse, might be a chronic illness... it's your story. If this story is holding you back then it needs to go. If you need professional help to rid yourself of this please put yourself in a place to do that. You are worth it.

Step three: Really get in there and find your limiting beliefs and kick them to the curb. Maybe it's that you've heard it takes money to make money, or you are in a town that's too small to do anything. Through personal development you can shift your beliefs and open your eyes to what is possible in your life. Don't stay stuck in your patterns, don't stay stuck in your past - take some risks. Wake up.
I've got a self-devo book list you might want to look through - remember I have a bit of a lending library if you aren't in a position to order a book, and your local library is without. Just email me.

Step four: Be the best you. You are a unicorn. You can start this step right away while you are working on your personal development. Be the best you and run with it - Have positive thoughts and feelings. Don't let anything hold you back. Start where you are... and go! A huge detriment to being your best you, you can probably guess what I'm going to say... is social media. Stop comparing and competing with others you see on facebook or Instagram. Just.stop. Comparison is the thief of joy. and a lot of other things. If you have to go dark for a bit to get off that carousel do it! Stop thinking, if only you could do things like so and so, that you should have posted this or that, that so and so has ... whatever. Just stop. Those lovely together living areas Sally is posting has nothing, nothing!, to do with you. And stop letting social media be a huge distraction for you - We all have the same amount of hours in our days but some of us use that time more productively than others. In case you were wondering, scrolling through fb isn't productive. Sorry.
Be your best YOU.

Step five: Set up boundaries for yourself. Make time for YOU and that self-development that we all keep preaching. Rid yourself of the toxic people that might be in your life, or on your social media. Surround yourself with positivity and light. The law of attraction isn't a "law" for nothing. Look for the good, focus on the good - even when things are going to hell around you.
Create a world around you of your choosing.

I used to only read fiction, I have some issues that most of you have {fear of public speaking being the number one thing on that list} - these are excuses - I own my excuses and am working on them just like you. I'm grateful that I don't have a tragic 'victim story' and if you do I will hold a space of light for you and encourage you to seek help outside of a blog post if you need to - but we all have something that is holding us hostage where we are - something in our past. Maybe it's a mantra that we heard all our lives... "Little Marcie only does enough to just get by." Something that you've heard your entire life so it MUST be true right?? Wrong. Replace it with "Little Marcie is a hard worker and is awesome". Once you repeat that a million times, once you start being grateful for what you do have and who you are... and once you feel awesome, your brain will ditch the negative affirmation for the positive one. Go out of your way to put positive affirmations in your life, and gratefulness in your life, you will see a shift in your attitude. A big one right now is "you are enough!" - if that resonates with you please, right now, write that out on a bunch of index cards - In your house, in your car, in your office. Tattoo it on your arm or fingers where you can see it
If affirmations seem "false" or too much... start with being grateful. Start a Thankfulness Journal.

Remove your attention from what you do not want and focus your attention on that that you do want.

Recommended reading: You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero.
If you'd like to preview this title digitally email me. The above link is an affiliate link, but won't cost you anything extra. You can also get a free audio version with a 30 day trial HERE. 
I'm reading this book right now and will probably read it again. lol.

Life is toooo short for us not to have a life we love. A life we run. A life of choices and freedom!

Please feel free to leave your thoughts here in the comments. We can be supportive and lift each other up.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What are Gem Waters

Hello Good Vibers! This is just a quickie, but you've probably heard about Gem Water, or Gem Elixirs... in my world they are the same thing. Elixir just sounds... more magical I guess. :)

First off, I want everyone to be safe. So before plunking your precious gems into your drinking water please read {or re-read} my crystal and EO safety page and, this goes without saying but just in case... make sure your stones aren't a choking hazard.

But WHY do we want to put gems in our water in the first place???
We know that crystals and gems give off vibrational frequency and that it can be beneficial to harness that frequency. Crystals are able to restructure the water and charge it with negative ions, as well as the vibrational properties of the crystals, you put into the water. This makes gem water a great portable way to keep crystal energy flowing throughout your day!

Okay, so Gem Water is not complicated. You take the gem, or gems, that you want to work with {or let your intuition choose} and carefully put them into the water.

  • Please make sure your gems have a Mohs hardness of at least 5 or they might sloooowllly melt! If you aren't sure about the toxicity or hardness of a stone - no worries! Just use the indirect method shown above.  
  • You might want to let your crystal energy steep for 30 minutes or so, you might put them on a windowsill in the sun or during a full moon, or, if you are rushing out the door, just take it and go. 
  • One thing about the sun - I've never had this happen yet but I've heard prolonged sun exposure can lighten some stones like Amethyst. So be mindful of that. 
  • You should not use treated water - you can get rid of some of the gunk in your city water by either boiling on the stove and letting it cool, or simply letting it set out on the counter in a pitcher overnight - or you can use distilled water if you have it. 
  • A glass container to make your gem water is always a better choice than plastic or metal.
After you've charged your water you can then use it in tea by warming the gem water in a kettle, or pot, and steeping your tea, you can give the water to your plants or pets, use the vibrational water to make water kefir {specifics on that soon!}, add to soups, smoothies, or bathwater,  - and of course you can just drink it!

As mentioned above, If you happen to feel led to using a stone that isn't a 5+ on the Mohs hardness scale, or that is on the off-limits list, you can still use these gems in an indirect way by creating a crystal grid around the *outside* of your container of water as shown in the photo above.

Should Essential Oils be used in water
I've been asked a few times if Essential Oils should be used in gem water, and the short answer is: it depends. I don't know what your sensitivities or allergies might be {and you may not either}, I don't know what meds you might be taking... and these things can matter. You are in control of your body, so don't let someone else tell you it's okay to ingest oils. Know yourself and do your research. Empower yourself.
Only you can decide if ingesting oils for you.
If you have specific questions about this practice of ingesting Essential Oils email me and I'll either be able to answer your questions, show you where to research it, or put you in touch with someone that can.
I will say please please do not have your kids ingest oils, because kids may not have the words or understanding to let you know if their breathing is being compromised by something they ate or drank - and reactions may not show up right away. I don't hear of reactions often but why risk it?
Do I ingest oils? I've never had a reaction to any oil, but no, I normally don't ingest them on a regular basis. I just really don't see the need to when diluted topical application, and inhaling or diffusing work just fine.

If you'd like me to chime in about other topics of this nature leave your request in the comment below. I'd love your input on the content of this blog!

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Good Crystals for beginners

Beginning crystals - Young Living Essential OIls - On Woodland Road
Img: Pinterest
There are a ton of awesome crystals and gems out there, and it can get overwhelming when you are starting out - and you want all the pretties! But let me narrow it down for you and make things easier. Remember, this is intended to be non-stress. :)

My recommendation is to start out with the basic 8 chakra stones.
To review that would be your grounding stone, Black Tourmaline. Some people use a big chunk of this, but a tumbled stone is great also. You can also get Hematite for this purpose.
Red Jasper is well-recognized for the Root Chakra, Orange Carnelian for the Sacral, and Citrine for the Solar Plexus.
For the Heart Chakra there are two crystals/gems that are commonly used. For regular affairs of the heart Green Aventurine is great, but for more specialized emotions, like grief or self-love I like the Rose Quartz.
Blue Lace Agate is beautiful for the Throat Chakra, but Sodalite can also be used. Just be aware that Sodalite should not be used in gem-water. {You will also find Lapis Lazuli in this chakra also but it is currently a "conflict" stone and I'm staying away from it.}
Amethyst is used for the Third Eye Chakra, and often for the Crown Chakra as well. Altho' many like to use Clear Quartz for the Crown Chakra. Quartz is the amplifier of the crystal world and is great for just about any applications.

Other crystals and stones I really like are:
Fluorite - every stone I've seen seems to be different and it's amazingly beautiful! Use it for focus and to clear your mind. It's also a great filter for negativity. And did I mention that it's lovely???
Smokey Quartz is great for absorbing negative energy. You can use it along with your grounding stone, or hang it around your neck for a bit of protection. Because negative vibes are no bueno.

Raw or Tumbled?
Stones in their raw state often don't showcase the beauty within, but the vibration and goodness are still there. Tumble them and they are divine!

Tumbled stones are lovely, and their smoothness is very comfortable and soothing. AND they are very affordable!
In fact, get a grab bag of tumbled stones to give to your kids* to sort and touch when they are giving off tooooo much energy. It's fun to watch them calm down and start sorting and laying them out on the floor or table. :)
* Please only give these to children who are no longer mouthing all the things! Only use under adult supervision please. Most tumbled stones will pose a choking hazard.

So... in short get 8 tumbled Chakra stones. :)

Now, where does one get such beauty?  There are countless places online, and Amazon often has them as well. One place that comes highly recommended is Healing Crystals - they ship quickly and their shipping is beyond reasonable. Which I love.  If you need any help with stone selection just let me know. If you plan on using your gems in gem waters please check the oil & gemstone safety list first! It's also located in the top toolbar under the blog header.

Oh, another great resource is The Crystal Healer book. This book is great for beginners but has stone reference for advanced students also. It isn't a huge "everything about every crystal and gemstone" book, but a nice reference with stones sorted by color. It includes their properties and pretty pictures. My kind of book! It also has some info on clearing/cleansing your crystals.

If you have KindleUnlimited and want to check out a similar book try this one. I don't have this book, but for free it definitely might be worth a look.
Both these books are for beginners for the most part - but have info for more advanced students also.

If you wish to be kept up to date with the goings on here On Woodland Road, and want to be notified when the Healing Crystals course will be starting and how to get in on the fun... just subscribe to our VIP email list.

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Disclaimer: This site is for entertainment & informational purposes only, and is not to be used as medical advice, to treat, or diagnose, prevent, or cure any physical/mental condition. Please seek the help of a licensed health care professional if you are in need of such services. None of the info, or products used, on this site has been reviewed by the FDA. All content is based on my own education and experience. On Woodland Road, and affiliates, are not liable for any ill effects caused by use of any products mentioned on this site.

Essential Oils - what they are and how to use them


How to use Essential Oils...
The three main methods normally used when working with Essential Oils are:
Topically - apply to skin. {see my dilution chart at the bottom of this post}
Diffused or inhaled from an uncapped bottle or from your hands.
Internally ingested - some oils are meant for this, others not so much. I would only personally ingest Young Living oils. But do your own research for you, in regard to what meds you are taking, etc.
I hear a lot of people talk about how pure oils are - and that because of this purity they are okay to ingest or do this or that with. Friends, Young Living ARE PURE. They are without added anything.  And this is precisely the reason these oils need to be treated with respect. They are quite potent. 
We are using our Essential Oils Topically, and using the Diffusion method, in our practice since we are dealing with the senses. Email me if you have specific questions about ingesting oils and I can give you more info and recommend some resources for you. For our purposes and working with energy, topical and diffusion application is perfect.

Now you might be asking, where do I get these wonderful oils? Well, I'm sure we all know someone who has hooked up with an Essential Oil company. I see you all nodding yes. :)
There is only one thing I want you to really look at when choosing an essential oil, and that is the PURITY & GRADE of the oil. Ok, that's two things. But seriously, all oils are not created equal. I exclusively use Young Living Essential Oils and I talk about why I chose Young Living's oils a bit more in depth - and where you can get them - on a page accessed on the top menu bar. {Let me just add right off the bat, that you don't have to join, or sell them. That's not what this site is about.}

I believe these little bottles are the best tool we have for self-healing, mood management, and most importantly... stress relief! {did you know that stress is a huge component in most all ailments and dis-eases out there? huge!}

How the Chakras and Essential Oils work together...
{click here for another look at the chakra chart - feel free to print it out}
First we are going to want to clear the negativity/neg energy from our chakras, and our surroundings.
{You can use Essential Oils only, or combine them with your healing crystals.}

To keep it simple, chose an oil, or blend, that resonates with the chakra you are working on. I've matched Oils, from the Premium Starter Kit, and Chakras in this chart.

Then choose your application method. If you are topically applying your oils, you can use them neat/straight, or pre-dilute  them so they are ready for use, and apply to the chakra area. {refer to the dilution chart below} Please be mindful and keep oils away from eyes and other sensitive areas of the body such as the genitals. I have some general safety info on the main menu of this site, and if you have questions regarding a specific oil you would like to apply topically, but aren't sure if it's appropriate, please email me and I can help you decide. But really, feel free to play with them a bit.

IMPORTANT: If you accidentally get oils in your eyes, please add some plain coconut oil, or some other oil, to ease the discomfort. DO NOT USE WATER. Water won't hurt but it won't help nearly as fast. Don't even think about asking me how many times I've done this!

You may choose to diffuse your oils into the air, or breathe the aroma from your hands, or an uncapped bottle instead of using topically - and that's perfectly fine.
I love to diffuse essential oils with a diffuser - this disperses the aroma into the air continuously.
Tip: Sometimes I don't like the scent of oil blends right out of the bottle, but after it's diffused, or on my hands, I am able to recognize the different oils easily and I usually change my opinion.

If you are applying oils topically {feel free to use both topical & diffusion methods together also} here are the placements.
Root Chakra & Grounding: Apply to the bottoms of your feet.
Sacral Chakra: Apply slightly below navel.
Solar Plexus Chakra: Apply between navel & ribcage.
Heart Chakra: Apply over chest area over the heart.
Throat Chakra: Apply over the throat area.
Third Eye Chakra: Apply between the eyebrows.
Crown Chakra: Apply to the top of the head.

You can also position a chakra balancing healing crystal on a chakra area for a more focused experience.

The procedure is basically the same as using your crystals on the previous page, and as there, Intention is vitally important here. As you are breathing in your chosen aroma, center your intention on the chakra you are working on. You want to release any excess and negative energy. Picture that area spinning, like a pinwheel, in a clockwise fashion releasing the unwanted negativity and stress. You may want to practice this for 10 minutes, you may choose a shorter or longer time period; do whatever feels right to you. There is really no right or wrong way to do this. Just focus on the chakra, or part of your life, that needs your extra attention - with intention. Intention that you are open to self-healing, self-love, and treating yourself to some relaxation time. Release the stress of the day, or moment. Steady your breathing. All of this opens space for self-development and opportunity for positivity to take the place of whatever is negative in that area of your life.
Tip: You can also say prayers, or a mantra/meditation, during this time.

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Dilution chart for Essential Oils - On Woodland Road Young Living Essential Oils
* click to enlarge *

Disclaimer: This site is for entertainment & informational purposes only, and is not to be used as medical advice, to treat, or diagnose, prevent, or cure any physical/mental condition. Please seek the help of a licensed health care professional if you are in need of such services. None of the info, or products used, on this site has been reviewed by the FDA. All content is based on my own education and experience. On Woodland Road, and affiliates, are not liable for any ill effects caused by use of any products mentioned on this site.

Using crystals to balance chakra

crystals to balance chakra - young living essential oils - on woodland road
Img: Pinterest
Ok friends, now for some time with our pretty crystals and gems!
There are several ways to use our healing crystals, and we are going to focus on the simpler methods. You can learn more advanced techniques in the Healing Crystals class I'm working on - be sure to sign up with the VIP email list to get updates.
Our goal is going to bring your chakras into a healthy, positive, energetic balance.

Select a stone that resonates well with the chakra you are going to work on balancing. You can use the chart below, or you can choose one that calls to you. {learn how to get a free set of healing crystals/gemstones here}

Once you have chosen your chakra and the corresponding stone, lay down near your Sacred Space, or just a comfortable and quiet place in your home, or outside, and place your grounding stone at your feet, in between your ankles. {Black Tourmaline is a great grounding stone.} This will ground you energetically to the earth, and allow you to visualize the negative energy being captured in the stone and released back into the earth where it can be recharged into something positive in nature.

Next place the chosen chakra crystal on the area of the chakra you are balancing. The crystal does not have to touch your skin to be effective.

Grounding: On floor between your ankles.
Root Chakra: Groin area.
Sacral Chakra: Slightly below navel.
Solar Plexus Chakra: Between navel & ribcage.
Heart Chakra: Chest area over the heart.
Throat Chakra: Throat area.
Third Eye Chakra: Forehead or between eyebrows.
Crown Chakra: Top of the head.

Close your eyes, slow your breathing, relax your body. Visualize the chakra filling with light and spinning in a clockwise fashion... your intention should be for all blockages in this chakra to release, leave your energy body by moving down your body making it's way out through the soles of your feet, where the negative energy will be drawn by your grounding stone. You are sending the negative energy deep into the earth and, as mentioned above, recharging it into something positive.

Once the negative feelings, emotions, stress, and energy has been released, continue seeing this colorful chakra spinning and begin to save space for positive, loving intentions to yourself in the areas of your life that this chakra represents. You might save this space for prayers, or other intentions, such as those listed further below. Your particular intentions, prayers, affirmations, may be specific to the chakra you are working on balancing. For instance if I was working on the Heart Chakra my affirmation/intention might be something like, I am loved and loving. Or, I will create abundance for the people I love.  I am enough.  If affirmations seem fake or weird to you, focus on things in your life you are grateful for. A state of gratefulness is very healing and cleansing!

You can stay in this lying down position for as long as you wish, feel led to, or is comfortable. It can be as little as 5 minutes, or it may take longer, of course, if you are working on more than one chakra at a time.
When you feel you have finished, and are feeling recharged, remove the chakra stone first, then remove your grounding stone. Now would be a great time to write down your feelings in a journal if you are using that tool.

As with any energy session, you'll want to drink lots of water afterward. Water is so important to our bodies in countless ways - including detoxing from energy work.
You may wish to recharge your crystals and gemstones after each chakra session... and we'll touch on how to do that in a bit.

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Crystals and how they work for us

If you are new to alternative healing modalities, you are possibly skeptic to crystals, oils, etc... and that is perfectly okay. In fact that is awesome! No one should ever totally blindly believe everything - do some research and see what fits with you.
If your particular situation resonates with at least some of what we talk about, and learn, here... then carry on. :) I appreciate that you are with me in this journey. Remember, this is totally non-denominational; everyone is welcome here.
Take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

amethyst crystal succulents - on woodland road young living essential oils
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Crystals are used for healing and focus based on the fact that they are energy - as is all organic matter. We all know that crystals have been used for their energy properties - and due to their unique vibrations, crystals are great allies to us. {calculators, clocks, tvs, fiber optics, lazers... and more, use crystals}

Since this area falls into the beyond science category {metaphysical} I encourage you to seek out your own experiences and honor your own thoughts and boundaries in regard to crystals and your health, both in your physical body and your spiritual body.

Remember the Chakra systems we went through a few pages back? Vibrational Crystal Healing is all about the chakras. The vibrations of the crystals work to create a 'vortex,' if you will, to let the negative pass through and make room for the positive, thereby bringing the chakras, and your body, into balance and harmony. {remember, when I talk of the 'body' we are taking about more than just your physical body. We are also referencing your mental, emotional, and spiritual body}
In order for harmony to ensue, each of us must develop a practice, unique to each of us, that we use consistently as a way to check in with ourselves. Check in with our own emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. We all notice when we just feel "off" right? Like something just isn't right but we can't quite figure out what's going on?  Using our sacred space, tools, and knowlege of our energy body we can bring health back to the area that is "off" in a gentle and effective way.

We feed the physical body energy through food and water, now we need to feed our emotional, spiritual, and mental body with positive energy, and self-care, as well.

Crystals can help with some or all of the following:
Relieve tension and stress
Stimulate harmonyous brain activity
Restore energy to your body and mind
Connect you to your emotions and well-being
Stimulate the energy flow through your meridians
Ground you and connect you to mother earth, or other spiritualities

In Crystal Healing, crystals and gemstones are assigned various properties based on their color, and vibrational and geometric pattern - and because the properties of a crystal, or gemstone, never change - their structure and energy stays constant.
In direct contrast to this, we are always changing - sometimes hourly! By bringing a green {or pink} healing crystal into the area of your heart chakra, the vibration of the crystal is open to interaction with the energic spin of the chakra - thus, correcting it's flow of energy {for instance, sometimes slowing the spin, sometimes making it go faster}, bringing balance and harmony. We can use the chart below to pair our always changing chakras with a crystal that has a similar constant vibration and bring balance back to our body - This helps us to recharge, and be ready to face whatever our day has for us to process. We've created harmony, balance, and protection within ourselves using wonderful, natural, tools.
We've filled our cup before filling the cups of others.  

chakras and crystals - on woodland road young living essential oils

Note: There are often 2 gems for each chakra - or more. The Root chakra is often paired with Red Jasper, the Heart chakra often includes the green Aventurine gemstone, and Blue Lace Agate is often used for the Throat Chakra.

These are the common matches, based on vibrational aspects of the crystals and gems, but also based on tradition. Use what feels right to you. There is nothing that says you can't take a crystal from one chakra and use it on another.
** There is also an 8th Chakra: Grounding. The stone for this is Black Tourmaline and it should be placed about 6 inches below your feet, if you are lying down.

Remember, when placing crystals on the different Chakra points you want to work on, do so with intention. Intention to strengthen, improve, balance, understand,... energize. Whatever your intention is, allow it to guide you. YOU are the main important part to this puzzle.

When you bring a crystal to your chosen chakra area, you are bringing focus to that area of your life that needs balancing - so you may want to balance one chakra at a time, especially when you are first starting out.  You connect with this area physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally - Just taking this step is half the battle! Some areas of your life that need work might be hard, or painful - if the need to be perfect, or to make others feel a certain way about you, is holding space within you, you may choose to work on those areas and to replace these feelings of not being enough with more positive affirmations. Affirmations that bring YOU more in control and fill that space with something more joyful for you. The affirmation I AM ENOUGH is great in this area. In fact this is a fantastic affirmation that could change the world. Make signs and hang them all over. :) To many people affirmations feel fake or forced. If this is you maybe you would prefer to focus on things, in the chakra area you are working on, that you are grateful for. Gratefulness is a great way to overcome negativity!
Journaling about your reactions can be very helpful as you progress, and as you get into a rhythm of practicing, and spending time in your sacred space with your holistic tools, you will chip away at the areas that are causing you trouble. As you be still and listen, you will learn what you need on a daily basis to feel energetic and whole. You will start making conscious choices in your daily life that will bring more abundance, and less stress. You will feel more in control. Give stress a kick to the curb!

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