Sunday, August 18, 2013

if you build it they will come

geez. 3+ months i've been neglecting this poor blog. i have good intentions for it really i do. sigh. wanna know the problem? well, there are two really. one biggie is our tragically lame internet connection. {satellite. don't do it. ick.} the other is instagram... if you are on ig you know about this addiction. lol. i call this blog "the blog that instagram smothered with a pillow". :)

anyway... our big thing around here is that we've jumped on the chicken bandwagon! i have spent the past several years, off and on, researching the little beasties and their needs, and we spent the week of our 30th anniversary building a pedator proof heavy-duty run. i know, what a guy right! :) so, the run was mostly done, but the shed to coop conversion isn't started yet... and you can probably guess what happens next...
dh saw someone that needed to rehome 6 laying hens, complete with a tractor that he didn't have to build and tadah! We are instant chicken parents! :)

i've not named them all yet, but they will be somehow named after our favorite tv show, firefly. We have 2 barred rocks {one will in all likelyhood be inara}, one polish frizzle named shephard book, 2 buff orpingtons, and 1 rhode island red but it's a lighter color so I'm not sure that's right... will have to look into that one. :)

right now they are sleeping in the dog igloo {and laying in there too altho' that's not ideal} and kicking the straw out of everything i put it into, and just generally being cute. and so far the wild critters have managed to stay away far as i can tell.

so all is good ... on woodland road. :)

ps... expect more chicken pics in the future. you're welcome and sorry.

Friday, May 31, 2013

hi nana, i'm four zero

about a month ago mady called me. often she takes the phone from her mama but this day her voice was the first i heard when i picked up the phone. a precious, "hi nana." i could hear the smile in her voice.
i said, "hi sweatpea, how are you?"... she started to say something, then said, "fine"; since i'd asked and all.
then she said: i'm forty. four. zero.

you see, i extend rear-face her in her carseat in my van. i'm the only one that does this but she's always been so good-hearted about it. a few times she's asked me why. I told her it was to keep her safer. she got that - she's heard dora say "so we can be safe" frequently and her pawpaw was in an accident last winter. but her weight limit to rear-face in that particular carseat is... 40 lbs., and she knew this, so she'd been weighing herself at least every other day... and now she is there. tomorrow she might be 39.5 but this day she is four zero.

mady, age 5 years, 2.5 months - and four zero
ps - please no comments on the car seat install. there are many things wrong with it and it's not yet secure. she wanted in for a pic almost as soon as i had it turned. :) she is still safe.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gratitude * Sunday

i don't know why these pics are distorted... will have to investigate.

 G r a t i t u d e  *  S u n d a y
Today I'm joining Taryn at Wooly Moss Roots for 
{Sunday's heartfelt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful. A list of gratitudes.} 

If you would like to join us, hit that link above.
Our gratefulness feeds one another. 
Throughout the past few weeks I've felt grateful for: 

a husband that helps me with my weird whims; from gardening to partially dreading my hair. :)

the rainy season beginning and getting the garden ready after a tragic garden experience last year. we learn new things yearly - so ideally each year is bigger and better. ideally.

my parents being here - they moved here from california in december and they are trying to get new routines established. i know it was hard to be uprooted - even with 2 little girls to love on.

being given the time to be present in my granddaughter's lives.

the weather being warm enough for mady and my dad to have a picnic on the grass. and him being so present in the girls' lives. the girls love having great mama & papa here.

jer made me a perfect worktable for my scroll saw! love! <3

What have you felt grateful for throughout your week?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Keeping Calm... in the sewing room

While I'm still working on some wood goodies, I've also switched gears to the sewing room a bit. I NEED to be making M some shorts for under her dresses {and making her some dresses for that matter!} but I found this rock&roll, rockabilly fabric that was dying to be made into a ruffle butt diaper cover. :) So, yesterday I started that. Do you think a 4 year old is too old to wear ruffles on her butt? lol
Rough pic of item just laid out before sewing up. 
This one is way too small for M so it will be going in the shop later. Today I need to work on those shorts and some baby-bump bands for my daughter. We are just cutting off old tshirts/tanks for those but I need to hem the cut end. Easy but kinda time consuming since I don't have a walking foot and my machine likes to eat thin knit fabric. :?

Anyway, what have you all been crafting??
Head over to Frontier Dreams and hook up with Keep Calm & Craft on. Tell them I sent ya! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Keep Calm & Craft On...

And it's Tuesday again, and once again I'm linking up with Nicole over at Frontier Dreams - there's always stuff going on at the Craft On linky so head over and take a look!
Actually, today I've been working on a few things for the new shop: On Woodland Road. My saw is back in action, thanks to my wonderful hubs, so I've been cutting out some of these lovelies...
Photo: Laura Gallagher over at Crooked Moon Mama.
Photo: Laura Gallagher over at Crooked Moon Mama.
Kids love these Breakfast Boards for snacks. I'm making kitties and piggies right now but will be making other critters in the near future. My granddaughter is getting one in the shape of a Hello Kitty head. >' . '< Sanding between the whiskers is proving to be quite time consuming tho'. lol

After these are done I'll be hop back on the knitting and crocheting bandwagon, some hats for spring and then some sewing as Mady needs some new summer dresses. OH and I've finally ventured into some needle and wet felting for spring!! I love it! I'll have pics of those little items when I finish them.

Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

TILT :: Things I Love Thursdays

Today I'm joining TILT! I had bunches of fun sifting through things I love on Flickr - there's lots to love on Flickr.
I don't have a clue where this TILT thing started, but I first heard about it over at You Just Gotta Keep Knittin'.
{Check out her darling new tattoo while you are there, and her cutie pie knit dress/top pattern for the girlie girl in your life!}

So, my first TILT. You like?

1. Toadstool, 2. Gnome Door, 3. Woodland Fox , 4. Framed, 5. pretty pillowcases, 6. :), 7. Translating a drawing...into reality!!, 8. The Magic Door, 9. Hat-Barret Handmade By ZigaZaga, 10. Gate, 11. tasche_detail_katze, 12. Embroidered Buttons, 13. a chick, an egg, a bunny, a carrot

I find those red mushies just amazing! Wish we had them here.

I love the mosiacs of other bloggers - you've seen them. They are all pretty and color-matched. Or at least of one theme. I find that I'm incapable of such. Sorry. :)
Maybe next time I'll at least try a theme. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Keep Calm & Craft On...

Well, I've been absent a few weeks but I'm back.
I managed to finish those fingerless gloves {just in time for spring!!} - but my nephews loved them. Whew!

Yesterday I did something unusual - I cut out some squares from scrap fabric for a QUILT. I know right. A quilt yes. BUT I don't have any real plans for the squares. They were just scraps sitting there, you know begging to BE something. Only thing is instead of cutting them 2.5" square, I cut them 2.25" square. I know! I don't know what I was thinking. So maybe a baby doll quilt? :/
I don't have near enough for even a baby doll quilt but as I sew for Mady I'll get more scraps and those tiny squares will grow in number. Maybe I'm not made out to be a quilter - numbers vex me. lol.
Anyway... the gloves are from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts I think. I'll make sure and change that title if need be later.

This week it seems that SPRING has arrived! I'll try and enjoy it but I'm thinking it's going to be a hot & humid summer since we barely had winter. More time to stay in the air con and sew and stuff right? :)

Next week I think I might do a preview of some things that will be in the shop hopefully soon! As soon as I stop cutting tiny squares of fabric I don't know what to do with that is.

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